The 5 Best Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes of 2023

The 5 Best Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes of 2023

A cat’s life consists of lounging in the sun, pretending to chase mice, and, of course, using the litter box. However, not every cat has the same experience with the litter box. Some people have slightly more specific habits when it comes to using the restroom. If your cat friend fits into this description, it’s time to get the best litter box money can buy: one that is completely enclosed. And we have combined for you the top five best fully enclosed cat litter boxes on the market.

1. HelloMiao Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box

The HelloMiao Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box is an excellent option if your cat values his privacy. This litter box is more than simply a container; it’s a haven for your cat.

The totally enclosed design of this litter box is one of its distinguishing qualities. It increases the inside space for unfettered movement and gives your cat a sense of security in an airtight environment. Now, your cat may move about freely, dig, and urinate without feeling constrained. Additionally, the enclosed design controls odors and litter spillage.

The two-way entry and exit method on this litter box, however, is what makes it unique. It is easy to use for cats of all ages. Larger cats can enter through the front door and exit from the top, while kittens may only enter and exit by the front door. The fish-scale inclined pedal design makes sure that cat litter falls back into the box while also slowing the release of odors.

The bottom drawer tray structure makes cleaning a breeze. Replacing cat litter is simple thanks to the deeper drawer. In addition to that, the entire litter tray can be removed for cleaning, keeping your cat’s habitat hygienic. Additionally, the raised drawer height keeps the contents dry.

This litter box, which is made of high-strength PP material, can endure even the most nimble cats. It can support up to 100 kg of weight, which is a substantial cat. The entire thing can be folded for storage, saving you valuable space, and the rounded corners protect your cat’s safety.

The interior of the box is kept fresh by a removable deodorizing filter cotton, and the top exit design stops trash from falling to the ground. It benefits both you and your pet.

2. Van Ness CP77 Sifting Litter Box

The Van Ness CP77 Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Box’s inventive design makes cleaning it quick, simple, and scoop-free. It quietly takes care of your cat’s business, kind of like the butler of litter boxes.

This Giant Sifting Cat Litter Box, measuring 21.5″ L x 17.5″ W x 19″ H, is perfect for households with several cats and larger cats. It includes a hood top with a 2-way door, two standard pans, and a sifting pan. For your cat, this litter box is a roomy palace.

Cleaning is also simplified here. You can say goodbye to time-consuming scooping sessions since the sifting pan captures waste while allowing clean litter to sift through. The hooded top accomplishes two tasks at once: it lessens pee spray outside the box and litter dispersal. No more discovering litter granules on the floor or enigmatic urine stains on the wall upon awakening.

The surface is smooth, highly polished, stain and odor resistant, and easy to clean. You can trust the quality of this litter box because it is BPA-free and proudly created in the USA.

Additionally, the 2-way swinging door seals off the box from aromas, keeping your house odor-free. You can acquire a litter box from Van Ness that combines effectiveness, usability, and fine craftsmanship.

3. Rizzari Cat Litter Box with Lid

Does your cat place the highest priority on privacy? The RIZZARI Cat Litter Box with Lid was created to meet your cat’s desire for privacy when using the restroom.

When the cat jumps out of this litter box, a special hollow mesh sifts the cat’s waste to keep it from landing over your floor. It completely changes how you keep your room organized.

The added elevated litter-leakage pedal is a brilliant idea. Even when your cat uses the litter box a lot, there is less litter spillage.

This litter box is simple to separate thanks to the portable snap design, and both installation and uninstallation go fast and easy. There is no difficult instructions making it is both cat-friendly and human-friendly.

This litter box accommodates larger cats and gives them more room to wander about inside thanks to its higher edge height than conventional litter boxes. Additionally, the raised border stops litter from spilling, so you can say goodbye to messes during cleanup.

There are several ways to enter and leave this litter box, including a transparent door and a hole in the top cover. It provides convenience for you and your feline friend while not limiting your cat’s freedom.

And don’t be concerned about smells. This litter box isolates strange odors, sand dust, and decreases odor emission. It also prevents odor from splashing. Both you and your cat’s delicate nose will benefit from it.

This litter box is made to last because it is constructed of high-quality PP resin. It ensures your cat is in a secure and pleasant environment and ensures long-term use without side effects.

4. Sfozstra Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Convenience, design, and functionality are all combined in the Sfozstra Cat Litter Box with Lid. It’s made to give your kitty friend the maximum level of luxury and seclusion.

A notable characteristic is the lift-off design including a well-considered buckle lock. It makes sure the litter box remains steady and safe, even if your pet becomes a bit rowdy. Cleaning is also made easier by the buckle lock design, which lets you easily access the contents by lifting the top lid.

Crafted from premium eco-friendly materials, this litter box is strong and odor-free. It ensures your cat’s health and well-being by providing a cozy and secure dwelling space.

Cats can jump out from the top and enter through the front access area. When your cat climbs out, the big hollow sand tread at the top with filter holes keeps litter from spilling onto the floor. It’s a revolutionary system.

With its generous size, this litter box will easily fit cats weighing up to 8 pounds. For unlimited movement, larger cats can select the larger size option. Because of the enclosed design, cats can feel more secure and at ease, allowing them to play freely without worrying about odors.

It even has a pee leak-proof mechanism that fixes leak-related cleaning issues. The litter box can be used as a comfortable perch for your cat to rest on.

5. Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box

For cat owners who prefer a hassle-free litter box experience, there’s the Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box.

With a snap-on hood that provides extra privacy, this large cat litter box has litter inside the pan. Your cat can easily enter and exit the plastic sliding door, giving them the privacy they require.

With the hood that pulls off for simple access, cleaning is a breeze. No more fumbling with hinges or clips that won’t go away. Convenience is the main focus of the design.

Made of stain and odor-resistant polypropylene plastic, this litter box wipes clean with a moist towel. Litter box odors are trapped and reduced by the changeable carbon filter (separately available), and it is simple to maintain. The pleasant scent will linger in your house.

Whether you’re moving the litter box or performing your daily cleaning, the top handle makes carrying it easy.

Measuring 23.7 by 17.8 by 16.7 inches (LxWxH), this litter box offers ample space for your cat to conduct their business comfortably. With a door opening measuring 8 by 8.5 inches (WxH), your cat companion will have easy access.

Furthermore, the product is covered by an Amazon Basics limited one-year warranty, so you can trust the quality. You get durability, ease of upkeep, and practicality with this litter box.


These are the top 5 best fully enclosed cat litter boxes that are sure to make your furry companion happy. There is something here for every cat, regardless of whether they need an easy-to-clean alternative, value privacy, or prefer a large litter box. Whichever option you select, your cat will be grateful for the perfect potty experience.

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