Top 5 Best Funny Cat Beds of 2023

Top 5 Best Funny Cat Beds of 2023

You thought cat beds were just for napping? Think again. We’ve set out on a mission to discover the silliest, funniest cat beds that will make you chuckle and send your furry friend into fits of giggles. These cat beds are a riot and a comfy place to curl up, with everything from cardboard bars to cactus cuddles.

1. SMILE PAWS Izakaya Bar Funny Cat Bed for Indoor Cats

Imagine your cat being the classy bartender at a posh Izakaya Bar, mixing perfect drinks and amusing the feline patrons. You can re-create that scene with The SMILE PAWS Izakaya Bar Cat Bed, which is not only a bed, but also a comedy club for cats.

This multipurpose cat housing serves all of your cat’s needs in one convenient location. All in one, it serves as a playground, a fitness center, a relaxing slumber area, and a haven for animal scratches. Why look elsewhere when you already have all you need right here.

Maximum comfort is provided by the SMILE PAWS cat house, offering your cat a snug haven to call their own. Cats love cardboard boxes, and there isn’t a cardboard box out there that is more entertaining than this one. It basically a VIP club made out of cardboard.

Additionally, this cat housing is roomy and has a wide entrance that is made for convenience. Cats can enter and exit at any time, exactly like regulars at a busy bar. It’s the kind of place where everyone is familiar with the name of your cat.

It comes flat-packed and requires minimal assembly, making it a simple DIY project for cat owners. You get to take on a small construction job by creating your cat’s very own cozy retreat.

The big shocker is that it’s a cat company rather than just a cat house. Your cat can pose as an employee at a posh Izakaya Bar and earn money to pay their bills. Basically, a cute cat sitcom will be playing out in your living room.

The SMILE PAWS Izakaya Bar Cat Bed is the ideal option if your cat aspires to be the next big feline comedian or simply wants a comfortable and entertaining place to hang out.

2. VETRESKA Cute Cactus Cat Bed

Imagine your cat appearing like a comical desert dweller, snuggled up among the prickly limbs of a charming cactus. The VETRESKA Cute Cactus Cat Bed makes that fantasy a reality.

The main priorities of this bed are security and comfort. Your cat will have a comfortable and secure area to lounge thanks to the high-quality, skin-friendly velvet and soft PP cotton used in its construction. The unique cactus form gives your home decor a quirky touch and gives your pet a comfortable refuge.

The semi-closed design of this cat bed has privacy and comfort as its main concerns. For your cat, it’s about having a private palace that provides the utmost seclusion for when they want to curl up and feel safe.

But there’s more! The wide circular hiding spot in the cat cave amusement park is ideal for cats who enjoy their own little retreat. Frisky cats who adore playingfully rolling in tight areas also enjoy it.

The 17.7″(L) x 17.7″(H) VETRESKA Cactus Cat Bed is a sizable item. It is appropriate for small to medium-sized dogs, cats, and other animals weighing up to 22 lbs. Cats of all sizes can easily access their cozy haven thanks to this bed.

With the detachable, ultra-soft pad filled with PP cotton, cleaning is a breeze. You can machine wash it for convenience, however we advise doing some careful manual washing to preserve the gorgeous cacti design.

In other words, the VETRESKA Cute Cactus Cat Bed is the prickly paradise your cat has been dreaming of if you want them to have a bed that’s both funny and warm.

3. LUCKITTY Coconut Palm Funny Tree-Cat Bed

The LUCKITTY Coconut Palm Tree-Cat Bed can transform your house into a tropical haven. Your cat’s fantasies of relaxing under a palm tree’s shade will seem silly next to this cat scratching post.

This cat bed has an amazing design. It has the shape of a coconut tree, which is an important component of a cat’s natural outside habitat. Now, your living room may serve as your cat’s little getaway, complete with a comfortable hammock.

Your cat will love curling up in this cozy hammock, and its funny crooked design provides an extra element of fun. This bed encourages cats’ silly sleeping habits, who are known for napping in the cutest poses.

Because the foundation tower is constructed of substantial chipboard, it won’t sway or topple over. It’s a solid and safe haven for your cat to relax and have fun.

The full sisal-wrapped posts, however, provide an added benefit by preventing your cat from destroying your drapes, furniture, and other items. It’s as though their holiday destination had a built-in natural scratching post.

This cat bed is very easy to assemble. It’s ready for your cat to enjoy; just screw all the parts together. It’s a simple setup for excellent feline entertainment.

To turn your house into a humorous tropical retreat for your feline friend, choose for the LUCKITTY Coconut Palm Tree-Cat Bed. In no time at all, your cat will be relaxing in this catnip breeze.

4. FluffyDream TV Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Funny Cat Bed

Does your feline enjoy watching TV shows late at night? With the FluffyDream TV Cat Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Bed (a funny take on the classic cat scratcher) they can now have their own TV.

This cat bed is a terrific method to maintain your cat’s health in addition to being a lot of fun. It gives them exercise that improves their balance and general well-being while also satisfying their innate need to scratch. It’s basically a cat’s at-home workout.

With its TV-like design, it’s the ideal platform for your cat’s hilarious antics. You can spend hours watching them, whether they are clawing away or just relaxing on top. Who knows, maybe while they’re at it your cat will find their inner stand-up comedian.

Because it is completely reversible, the FluffyDream Cat Scratcher is a flexible option for your feline friend. It’s made to accommodate your cat’s preferred scratching position, whether it’s vertical or horizontal.

Let’s talk sustainability and safety. All-recyclable cardboard and non-toxic corn starch adhesive are used to make this scratcher. It will last for a very long time because it is resilient enough to resist scratches and bites. It’s a perfect situation because it also helps lessen furniture damage from scratching.

With dimensions of 17 x 9 x 14 inches, this TV-shaped cat bed is the ideal size for your pet. They can relax there and enjoy some screen time, even if it’s only imaginary.

That being said, the FluffyDream TV Cat Scratcher Cardboard Lounge Bed is the show your cat has been waiting for if they’re ready for some TV with a humorous twist!

5. Petgrow Banana Cat Bed

the Petgrow Adorable Banana Cat Bed, which is more than just a bed, is an enjoyable and fruity journey for your feline companion.

Imagine your cat curled up inside a massive banana, as if it were on a tropical vacation. Not only is the little banana funny, but it’s also quite unique and beautiful.

It provides your pet with a quiet, comfortable area to relax because it is made to be a semi-open bed with a lid. Cats are drawn to places where they feel safe and secluded, and this banana bed is one such place.

Your cat will love the warm, inviting place created by the interior lined with elastic sponge and soft plush. It feels like a warm, fuzzy banana hugging them as they play or take a nap.

The Petgrow Banana Cat Bed measures approximately inches (LWH), making it a medium-sized item. Cats, kittens, rabbits, squirrels, hamsters, and other small animals up to five pounds are all excellent candidates for it. Your pet will love nesting in this cozy area and appreciating the unusual banana pattern.

It is quite easy to clean; you can just give it a machine wash. Customers of Amazon can also get a complimentary one-month trial of this cozy cat bed. If your cat isn’t thrilled, you can return it for a free replacement or a complete refund.

Therefore, the Petgrow Adorable Banana Cat Bed is the ideal choice if your cat wishes to have their very own fruity hideout!


These are the top 5 Best Funny Cat Beds, which will make you laugh and make your feline buddy very happy. These cat beds are a delightful addition to any cat lover’s home, with adventures ranging from cardboard bar excursions to cactus cuddling, coconut tree escapes, TV scratching marathons, and banana bonanzas.

So instead of settling for a conventional cat bed, why not have one that also serves as a comedy show? Give your cat a bed that is as funny as they are, and watch as they have the time of their lives in your living room.

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