The 5 Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath in 2023

The 5 Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath in 2023

While we all like our furry friends, let’s face it—sometimes their breath can really knock you flat. This is where these tiny miracle dog treats come to the rescue. No more avoiding kisses or enduring offensive smells. We are to reveal to you the top five best dog treats for bad breath that will quickly leave your four-legged buddy with a minty fresh breath. Check it out:

1. Arm & Hammer Dog Treats for Bad Breath, Plaque and Tartar

Arm & Hammer Dog Treats’ are like tiny breath of fresh air. Not only do they refresh your dog’s breath, but they fight tartar and plaque like brave knights. Your four-legged pet can have maximum dental health and enjoy a delicious mint flavor that will leave them yearning for more thanks to the natural components in these treats.

The best part is that because baking soda is a component of these treats, all dogs and puppies can safely eat them. Thus, you shouldn’t be concerned about any negative side effects.

But it’s their distinctive twisted design that really makes these delights stand out. They withstand the pickiest dogs as well. When it comes time to brush your teeth, there will be no more struggle of wills. Arm & Hammer is ready to help.

Not only are these treats great for your dog’s dental health, but they also make a great substitute for rawhide. It benefits you and your dog in all ways—it’s safer, healthier, and more delicious.

Therefore, Arm & Hammer Dog Treats are your reliable ally if you’re sick of avoiding kisses and want your dog’s breath to smell as good as a field of mint.

2. Pet Naturals Freshener GI Support Dog Treats

As everyone knows, bad breath frequently originates in the abdomen and is not just limited to the mouth. That’s where the Pet Naturals GI Support Dog Treats with Freshener come into action. These breath bites address foul breath from the inside out, much like a secret agent would.

These delicious treats contain a potent combination of three ingredients: Yucca, Champignon Mushroom Extract, and Spirulina. Together, they lessen flatulence, manage the smell of evacuation, and promote digestive health. Put differently, they address the underlying cause of the issue.

But the benefits extend beyond your dog’s internal organs. Additionally, by assisting in the breakdown of food particles in your pet’s mouth, these treats improve dental hygiene.

They are soft chews with a chicken liver flavor that your dog will love.

These treats are made in the USA and are approved by the NASC. Pet Naturals of Vermont is a reputable brand. thus you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re providing a superior product for your pet.

Therefore, the Pet Naturals Freshener GI Support Dog Treats are your best option if you wish for a treat that addresses bad breath at its source.

3. Fido Dog Treats for Bad Breath for Extra Small Dogs

Fido Dog Treats for Bad Breath are the ideal way to show your small pet some love too. These mouthwatering dental care bones are made for especially little canines (4–18 pounds). We’re referring to you, Maltese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Chihuahuas.

With 100 little dog bones each 37 oz. bag, these treats are not only efficient but also reasonably priced. Each bone is 3 inches in length, which is ideal for your small dog.

Made in the USA, these treats have natural ingredients like alfalfa, parsley, and kelp. In sharp contrast to rawhide, they are safe to digest and healthful, therefore they are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

These bones are easy for dogs to grasp while they chew because of their distinctive v-groove design. Their breath will be fresher after what feels like a little massage for their gums.

These snacks’ flavor and taste are irresistible to dogs, so they’ll quickly become a beloved evening routine. Therefore, Fido Dog Treats for Bad Breath are the ideal remedy if you have a little dog that has bad breath.

4. Arm & Hammer Nubbies Dog Treats with Peanut Butter Flavor

Although you adore your dog, you are not fond of their dragon breath. To save your nose, Arm & Hammer Nubbies Dog Treats are here. These nasty boys resemble toothbrushes in the realm of dog treats.

In addition to massaging your dog’s gums, they also scrape away at plaque and tartar while your dog chews. Every bite feels like a tiny teeth cleansing. These treats are easier and more fun for your dog to eat, therefor, more efficient than regular brushing.

Natural chlorophyll and the strength of baking soda are combined to create these delicious snacks. Together, these two not only improve oral hygiene but also freshen breath.

Arm & Hammer Nubbies have a taste that even the pickiest eaters won’t resist. Due to their high digestibility, these treats are an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

They’re also a great substitute for rawhide because they’re healthier, safer, and more delicious. Excellent for those who require something to bury their teeth in because they are aggressive chewers.

Therefore, Arm & Hammer Nubbies Dog Treats are a cool option for a treat that makes dental hygiene easy and leaves your dog’s breath smelling like a field of wildflowers.

5. Old Mother Hubbard Minty Fresh Dog Treats for Bad Breath

Can you picture your dog’s breath smelling as sweet as a rose garden? With Old Mother Hubbard Minty Fresh Dog Treats, it’s not just a dream – it’s a reality. These crispy snacks have a delicious crunch and are made with spearmint, parsley, and fennel to help freshen your dog’s breath.

These sweets’ texture serves a purpose in addition to taste. The crunchy texture of the chewing gums helps your dog’s teeth get cleaned. Every bite is like a tiny toothbrush.

Even better, only the best ingredients from around the world are used to make these treats in North America. Because there are no additional artificial preservatives, you can give your dog a healthy treat.

Since 1926, Old Mother Hubbard has been refining her delicious biscuits. To maintain the natural flavors, each biscuit is slowly baked in the oven, so your dog will only receive the best.

By selecting from an array of flavors and sizes, you can create the ideal snack cupboard for your dog. Every dog can find their favorite flavor, be it minty fresh breath or something else entirely.

Old Mother Hubbard Minty Fresh Dog Treats are the solution if you’re ready to change your dog’s breath for the best, and want to give them a treat that also helps them keep their teeth healthy.


These were the top 5 Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath. You can stop pinching your nose when they try to kiss you. You will be getting minty and fresh kisses from your dog every day thanks to these little things. Treat your pet to a healthier, happier life and nicer breath.

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